The double Record Breaker Teenager with longest legs

A high-scraping teen has earth-shaken the world with her longest legs in the universe at a tender age of 17. Maci Currin has an enormous 6ft 10ins tall. Her legs adds up to 60 per cent of her total height, as stated Guinness records. She is recognised as the female with the longest legs in the world as well as teenager with the longest legs. Maci had quite a hard time while growing up because she experienced lots of critics from the bullies but this did not make her loose her self esteem but instead made her more confidence to accept her figure. She said

Maci mentioned that, she inherited the tallness genes from family since most of her family members are tall and thus her extreme height. She encouraged women with extreme height not to be ashamed but instead embrace it as a gift from God.

Maci aspires to go professional and to become the world’s tallest model. The teenager has attracted quite a number of follower on social media with: 1.7 million in Tiktok and 500,000 on instagram. Her popular posts portrays her confidence personality with a perfect image which has seen her get more followers.

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