Pastor Ng’ang’a ordered to compensate former employee for unlawful dismissal

The labor court on 4th February compensated a former employee of Neno Evangelical Church owned by Pastor Ng’ang’a a total of ksh 300,000 for unlawful dismissal.

Justice Maurine Onyango ruled that the man was not given a chance by the church to argue his side of the story. In addition, the court concluded that pastor Ng’ang’a’s explanation of dismissing his employee had no merit.

Chrispher Kinama was dismissed in the year 2017 for a disagreement over car park fee collection.

Paster Ng’ang’a in a past church function.

The contradictions by Pastor Ng’ang’a came in a letter in which the church claimed it summoned Mr. Kinama and gave him a second chance to continue with his job. The court confirmed that this said letter was dated November 2016 while Mr. Kinama was fired on 25th of January 2017.

The court said that it was humanly impossible for the letter to be drafted before the dismissal.

“With utmost respect to Apostle James Ng’ang’a, the author of the said letter, I am not convinced that it was humanly possible for him to predict that such events would take place and write the letter in advance. I have carefully perused the said letter. It is dated November 18, 2016. As indicated in the pleadings, the events occurred on January 25, 2017,” ruled Justice Onyango. 

In may of 2018 the court acquitted pastor Ng’ang’a in a case where he was accused of causing death of a woman in a fatal road accident on grounds that the prosecution had failed to prove it’s case.

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