Joho’ s cousin Joins UDA attacks him for lack of development

Mohammed Amir, kin to Joho has blamed him for lack of development despite being given money by the national government hence failing to uplift the lives of Mombasa Residents.

Speaking to journalists, Amir said, “As a leader, you must find a mechanism to help your people. Give us a solution, you have the resources, Joho received money from the national government but has done nothing meaningful with it.”

Amir who has Joined United Democratic Alliance (UDA) led by Deputy President William Ruto says he believes the challenges being experienced by Mombasa residents can only be solved under Ruto’s administration when he wins presidency next year.

Some of the problems Amir claims is ailing Mombasa residents include lack of water and low income.

Ali joho, Mombasa Governor

“I hope voters will heed my call and give me a chance. If we want to change Mombasa, we need to support the DP, we have suffered enough,” Amir told journalists.

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