Full Story: How Terror Convicts escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison

Details have now emerged how three terror convicts escaped the most guarded security prison in the country.

The three terror convicts are; Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex, Joseph Juma Odhiambo and Mohammed Ali Abikar who was serving 41 years of jail term, having been convicted for his role in the Garissa University attack.

The Directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) took nine hours to have an idea how the convicts escaped from the most revered prison.

The Investigations point to a possibility of the three being aided by prison officers

In a well-planned escape which may have taken months to execute, the terror convicts dislodged a brick on the wall of their cell which they used to escape. How they dislodged the brick without the prison officers knowing is a question the investigators are still trying to find out the answer.

The convicts would cover the brick opening with a cardboard to conceal their ongoing plan.

A rusty Chisel that was used to dislodge the brick was recovered from their cell as well as a razor blade that was used cut a blanket turned in to a rope and used to climb the high walls of the prison.

It’s still a puzzle how the convicts managed to by-pass the three layers of Kamiti maximum security prison as the compound is normally well lit, fitted with Close Circuit Television both in and out and officers in constant patrol both on the ground and on the five watch towers of the prison.

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison

The escape led to the arrest of seven prison officers together with Kamiti Prison boss and head of prisons in the country General Wyclife Ogallo.

Police however stated that general Ogallo was not arrested but rather was escorted home to enable smooth transfer of office. This was after a video appeared online showing Anti-Terrorist Police Storming his office and escorting him out.

The three fugitives were today arrested in Mwingi three days after their escape with the help of the public who tipped off the police.

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