Former Tahidi High Actor ‘cries’ for help as he faces financial hick-ups

Ex-Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia aka ‘’Omosh’’ confesses that he had been hit by a major financial crisis following the outbreak of corona virus which made all his shows cancelled hence hindering his effort for making income.

Talking to one of the media stations in the country, Omosh revealed that he tried doing different jobs but all did not materialize. The father of 3 used to earn Ksh 18,000 per episode on Tahidi High, but things have changed since as he has gone bankrupt and even facing eviction with cumulated rent arrears.

“I just want a job, even if I will be getting Ksh200 a day, I am okay with that. I am also a good driver. I don’t mind class and even if someone decides to start a hotel business where I can sell uji and tea, I am okay with that.” Said Omosh.

Tahidi High Actor Amosh; Photo – twitter

Fans and fellow celebrities including Jalango’ pledged to raise at least 1 million so that he can be able to stand up on his feet.

Omosh also rubbished claims that he went back to drinking alcohol and reiterated that it was his past experience after being in a rehabilitation center for 3 months where he had been taken by her sister. He claimed to be a changed person and have even added some weight after quitting alcohol.

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