A boy to be compensated Ksh 4.4 Milion by Kenya Power after being electrocuted

KPLC employer in the line of duty - photo file

The court has ordered Kenya Power, the leading electricity provider in the country to compensate a boy who was amputated after tripping and falling on live wire back in 2014.

The compensation money is meant to take care of his limbs replacement as well as future medical expenses.

Judge Riechi Stephen ruled that since the victim is still below 18 years and he will need two artificial limb replacements, before he attains the legal age and after.

“It will be absurd for the court to tell the youngster to wait to pay for the medical treatment in a complication that will occur in future and then come back to open the suit and claim the same damages. With the current medical knowledge, medical experts are in a position to estimate future cost of medical treatment on the minor who has sustained injuries,” The judge ruled.

Kenya Power employee at work. Photo Source – Twitter

The Complainant stated that after incident, the minor’s hand had to be amputated and he also suffered multiple burns on the head, chin and abdomen.

The family of the victim made an appeal on the case after an earlier ruling that awarded the victim Ksh 3 million in general damages.

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