Zoea mweshimiwa wako mapema, am going to be Lang’ata MP, says Jalang’o

Felix Oduor (Jalang’o), polularly known as Heavy J, has declared that he will be running for Lang’ata Parliamentary seat in the coming 2022 General elections.

Jalang’o was speaking during an interview with NTV journalist Muchiri on Tuesday.

The successful comedian come radio presenter let the cat out of the bag while giving remarks towards the end of the interview telling youths to change their vote and start getting used to their new ‘Mheshimiwa’.

“Mimi naenda kukua MP wa Lang’ata. Vijana mubadilishe kura. Kuja tujenge Lang’ata Mpya. Najipigia debe,” he said.

The interview largely dueled on his philanthropy deeds. Jalang’o is one of the celebrities that has played a big role in uplifting and supporting fellow celebs in the country with the recent one being the talented Tahidi High actor Omosh.

Asked why he does help other celebrities he said he helps them out of the fact that he understands what they are going through and that he himself has been in their situation once.

The Kiss Radio presenter said he acknowledges the fact that being a celebrity demands alot especially from the fans.

Photo courtesy ~Jalang'o
Photo courtesy ~Jalang’o

“In our small celeb ville, what people say, the image you present, how you move, really matters. For the brand to talk to you also depends on how you carryout yourself. Unfortunately, it has forced celebrities to live beyond their means,” he explained.

He ecouraged celebrities and young people in general to be very patient while building their career and to remain humble in the process of building it.

“Unaona hii kiatu bro. Venye unaiona sahii hii kiatu, it did not take me one day or one week or one year to have it. It has taken me 18 years to create this brand,” Jalang’o explained, pointing at his expensive shoes to NTV journalist Muchiri.

“You cannot come into this game and and immediately want to compete with me, you cannot come into this game and want to drive the same car that I drive or want to live where I live. That is where they get it all wrong, not wanting to take the process,” he added stressing the importance of patience while buiding a career or a brand.

If he goes for Lang’ata parliamentary seat as he says, Jalang’o will join the wagon of celebrities that will have tried their luck in the Kenyan politics with recent ones being Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu and Jaguar who are currently members of parliament.

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