With Sim-Swap fraud becoming common, this is how to remain secure

With the recent rise of Sim-Swap in the country, it’s high time everyone knows how to be smart and not to fall victim.

Sim-swap fall under the categories of identity theft and  through it, the fraudsters are able to register an existing number on a new SIM card then be in a position to intercept notifications, one-time passwords, online banking profile and transactions as well as changing the account security settings.

One of such scenario is a common case when people we’ve known wake up one early morning to realize their social media account have been used to solicit money from friends online without their knowledge. Sometimes transactions made from their bank account without them knowing.

Sim Swapping illustration

So, how can you be secure from Sim-swap?

  1. Enable only in-store changes

With many Kenyans using Safaricom as their line and given that Safaricom remains dominant for individual and business financial transaction purposes, The Telco now allow its users to white list their Lines so that no changes can be made in their lines without them knowing. By dialing #100*100#, you will make changes only by visiting safaricom stores.

  • Protect and limit how you share your phone and line details

Make sure to enable long passwords, facial recognition or pattern to log into your phone.

Make sure you do not share phone details one social media including your date of birth and pet names as scammers use these details to log into any of your accounts when they get an opportunity.

  • Enable 2factor Authentication

Google gmail users normally can enable their accounts so that whenever there is a new login, they instantly get a notification asking them to authenticate the logging using their phone. This can help know if someone is trying to log into your account illegally.

Finally report any suspicious activity immediately to your network or banking service providers.

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