Uproar as CNN’s Article claims a Caucasian Woman discovered whales in Kenya

Multinational News agency CNN found itself on the receiving end after it reported that a Caucasian woman from from London discovered whales in Kenya.
The article in CNN’s website claimed that Jane Spilsbury who migrated to Kenya with the husband, heard of stories from local residents about whales and dolphins. They then documented the mammals, whose existence local residents had said they had known about for more than 30 years.
“Up until recently, most travellers, and even some locals, had no inkling of the aquatic mammals that occupy or pass through Kenya’s waters,” says the story titled “The woman who found whales in Kenya” by Ashleigh Stewart.
But according to Turtle Bay Beach Club in Watamu, Kilifi, humpback whales, travel annually in their thousands from the Antarctic to Kenya to breed and have their calves “in our safe tropical waters”.

Both migrations peak between July and September, which means that Kenya hosts the “Twin Migration”, a unique wildlife phenomenon, incorporating both savannah and sea safaris.

This is not the first time CNN has angered Kenyans. In 2015, Kenyans on Twitter roasted the broadcaster for a report on President Barack Obama’s visit to the country, in which they said he was heading to a “TERROR HOTBED”.

Here is what some Kenyans had to say about the whale article.

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