Top tips for starting-up a side-hustle as shared by a young Millionaire

The founder of BloomVentures Jack Bloomfield is only 18 years old. He opened up his company at the age of 15. Jack is confidence that anyone can follow his tips nomatter how hard it may get to succeed into the business world.

To nature the up-coming entrepreneurs, Jack who is a resident of Brisbane has highlighted six important scripts to apply in any business. This is extremely a must read because if a small boy of 15 year old can have such a mindset with $500 and has conquered the world, anyone can make it with all the disciplines put in place.

  1. Passion trumps profit

Don’t just open a side-hustle with the aim of making money or else you will fail. It’s always going to get rough. You will experience a lot of challenges on your journey most probably on your major hustle. Make sure your side hustle is something you are passionate about or else it will end up becoming your second job, or a hindrance or road block which will make you out of progress.

2. Know what you’re in for

You need to be accurate and honest with what is on the table because the rewards can be great. You should ask yourself if you are able to give it your best, including working extra hours and even sacrificing your weekends to make it work in order to achieve your dreams. A successful side-hustle requires passion, hard work and determination.

Your aim is supposed to be replacing your main hustle with your side hustle, because your part-time job can grow to a point that it can replace your full-time job. This can only happen if you follow step one on following your passion for your entire lifetime. You need to have in mind what drives you, what keeps you going when everything goes loose and what will make you stay focused because not everyone can get to work extra hours, not even weekends.


3. Begin at the end

Get it right that your first side-hustle establishment might probably not work. Neither your second or third. You have to fail in order to succeed. Jack started at least five businesses which failed before he reached his turning point after launching his e-commerce site which brought so much success.

During his journey of pursuit for success, he never gave up because he was focused with his goal. This is why it is significantly wise to have your finish line in mind, right from the start. You need to have an action plan which will get you to your end result. Your action plan is likely to change as something may pop-up and you will have to adapt to the changes and change your game plan to stay focused of your goal.

4. Take it seriously

Remember you are running your own business when you establish your side hustle. No Matter how small your business may look, remember you are your own boss, a Chief Executive Director. Be incharge of your own destiny and know that no one gives a damn if it succeeds or not, so it is up to you make it big.

5. No idea is bulletproof

Most successful business people never take their first idea as their major idea. Remember not all ideas tend to leas you to success. Ignore what your friends/ families will tell you and focus because it will never be a genuine feedback. The only honest person for your business is going to be your customer who will take you to the next level.

Work on schedule; For example a 14 days schedule to taste your idea of marketing to be able to know if it may or may not work. Take action regardless of your outcome to make your idea or next move worth it. Your idea might be the best but without action, it is doomed to fail.

6. Be unrealistic

Aim at setting goals which are above you. This will make you to work smart and tireless in achieving them so that when you don’t achieve them, being so close will be a big win to your business.

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