Top Ten African countries with most cars on the road


Despite being the poorest countries in the continent, for every 3.9 Liberians, there is a car. This comes as a surprise since the country also has the poorest road infrastructure. Liberia is a rubber-powered economy.


Nigeria being the biggest economy in Africa is the number one car buyer in the continent. This could be attributed to the oil economy and be best entertainment industry in the whole of Africa.

South Africa

In every five South African Citizen there is a car. The country has the highest car per capita in the continent. It is arguably the largest car market in Africa.

South Africa Johannesburg


Egypt is the number one car buyer in North Africa. The good car market In the North African country could be due to the high population. In every 14 Egyptians there is a car.

Currently there are close to 3 million registered car in the North African Country. In ever 11 Moroccan there is one with a car.


Tunisia comes third in North Africa as the best car buyer country. Tunisia is also one of the best car parts manufacturer in Africa. There are more than 100,000 vehicle imported in the country annually.



There is a steady rise of middle class in Ghana. A car exists for in 22 Ghanaians.


The East African Economic Giant has a car for every 30 of its citizens. The country has seen a steady rise in number of vehicle owners.


The Kenyan neighboring country has a fluctuating currency but there is a vehicle for every 47 people in th country. Toyota is the most sold car in Tanzania.


With a low population of 3.5 million citizens, Mauritania has a vehicle for evry nine people.

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