Tighter regulations for stakeholders in car fuel and cooking gas business

New reports by The Nation on February 27, claims that the government, though Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority (EPRA), have come up with new regulations that have to be observed by all stakeholders in Petroleum Businesses.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority has recommended that all motor car fueling stations in the country must be built on a 150-square meter of land with a canopy.

To see the end of counterfeits the EPRA has mandated that all station to be in a position to sell a minimum of 200,000 litres of fuel every month.

These new regulations forced have trader in Central Kenya to take to the streets demanding their immediate withdrawal. These traders have lamented that the laws will lead to closure thousands of already established businesses.

Shell Petrol Station. Photo Shell Kenya

On the other hand Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) has ordered all stakeholders in the LPG gas business to use reinforced steel so as to minimize explosions.

The KBS management has confirmed that this technology will be implemented in tankers, installation sites, gas cylinders as well as handling and storage of gas cylinders.

“Petroleum and LPG products are highly flammable,” Said Bernard Njiraini, KBS MD, “They require proper storage within a user’s premises,” he added.

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