The mystery behind the murder of American-Somali business man Bashir Mohamed

In the last few months kenya has witnessed reported missing persons that later turned to be murder cases.

Somali-born American business man Bashir Mahamed was another such case. The body of the late was found floating in River Nyamindi of May 16.

After viewing his body, the lawyer representing the family confirmed that Bashir was tortured before being murdered as his body had scars of blunt trauma. His toe nails too had been pulled out.

This could mean that his killers were looking for information and that this act had been planned for sometime.

The postmortem was done by government pathologist Johanson Oduor together with pathologist representing the family and DCI officers at Umash Funeral home in Nairobi.

Bashir’a business profiles shows a highly successful business man, well connected in Kenya, Somali and the UAE.

The late business tycoon Bashir Bashir Mohamed. PHOTO FILE

Sometime in October last year, Bashir was seen with President Kenyatta as he inspected Uhuru Business Park which his Engineering company, Infinity Development won tender to construct.

Bashir was also deeply involved with the somali government where it is said his company constructed the presidential Palace (Villa Somali) as well as the Ministry of Health headquarters in the country’s capital Mogadishu.

New sources now show that Bashir moved millions of cash to Somali as reported by The Star. The business man was also under Police radar for wiring huge sums of money to Somali. It is however not clear whether his murder was in anyway connected to the money transfer.

“In as much as I can’t connect the death to the money issue, there was a feeling he was channeling money to Mogadishu which is technically at war with Kenya. It is a concern,” a top government official said in confidence as reported by by The Star.

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