The land saga that saw VC Wainaina fired from KU

Professor Paul Wainaina the Kenyatta University VC resigned following close to a two-week standoff between him and Ministry of Educations decision to cede a percel of land for use by the government.

The piece of land in contention was to benefit World Health Organization, Africa Centre for Disease Control, Kenyatta University Teaching and referral hospital, as well as resettlement of squatters of Kamae Settlement Scheme.

The 410 acres of land was to be divided among the four beneficiaries.

Pro. Paul Wainaina - Photo file
Pro. Paul Wainaina – Photo file

Profesor Wainaina was against the decision of the government to use the parcel of land as the university already had plans for it.

“What we are saying here is that the council does not have the mandate. I have said that I do not have the mandate as VC too but I want you to know that this is probably the last time I am talking to you as the VC,” he said during his last address to Kenyatta University staff.

President Kenyatta speaking during the launch of the WHO emergency hub strongly condemned The VC’s stand and warned that a swift action will be taken against those who oppose government plans.

“A few of us who are learned unfortunately lack wisdom and behave like very ignorant people who have never even entered a classroom. This is the property of the Kenyan people held in trust by the GoK. We don’t operate in silos.

You’re just a caretaker. Siku zake zimehesabiwa(his days are numbered). I still have three weeks. We shall deal with those individuals swiftly and effectively. Tutaenda nyumbani na wao(we are  retiring with them),” President kenyatta warned.

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