Surgery saves Louisiana woman who used Gorilla Glue to style her hair

Tessicca Brown who hails from Louisiana went through the toughest moment of her life due to application of Gorilla Glue on her hair which she thought was meant for styling it.

His surgeon; Michael Obent from Beverly Hills successfully completed a four-hour procedure surgical procedure in which Brown was put through anesthesia to remove the sticky stuff. The surgery which costs $12,500 (Ksh 1,368,125) was done for free as reported by TZM.

“The surgery went well. Tessica is doing well. She’s awake. The hair crew is doing her hair,” Obeng, director of MiKO Plastic Surgery, told CBS Los Angeles.

Mr. Obeng explained that that the Super glue was broken down by the combination of medical-grade adhesive remover, olive oil, aloe vera and acetone to get rid of polyurethane which was the main ingredient.

The surgeon decided to perform the procedure for free due to the TikTokvedio that went viral on how Brown desperately pleaded for help.

Jessica Brown

Photo Source: tiktok

The mother of five never knew she could get so much criticism by posting her video but she was thankfulto Beverly Hill Surgeon for rescuing her.

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