Raila and Ruto Locked in bitter exchange of words

Following Sunday’s chaos at Jakaranda ground in Nairobi between alleged Azimio and Kenya Kwanza supporters, there was a heated exchange of words between Ruto and Raila online over who instigated the chaos.

With Ruto’s obvious trend of dragging Raila’s name in any political crowd chaos that he finds himself into, this time he also accused Raila of being behind Jakaranda ground chaos that saw some sustain injuries. Ruto called Raila ‘Lord of violence.’

“Mr Kitendawili; the Lord of violence has done it again; hired desperate and jobless young people to shed innocent blood in his eternal quest for power,” read Ruto’s Facebook page post.

Violence at Jackaranda grounds

His post got close to 10 thousand comments and over 20 thousand likes. The post got mixed reactions from both his supporters and Azimio die-hards with Azimio ‘roasting’ him saying he’s looking for sympathy votes.

A few minutes later Azimio la Umoja flag bearer Raila Odinga on his facebook page came out to strongly condemn DP Ruto’s comments, telling him to stop blaming everyone for his predicaments and that Kenyans will not give him sympathy votes. He called him ruderless and clueless.

” Mr Six months, for how long will you blame everyone for everything that befalls you. This country is slowly overcoming fraudsters and shortcuts that define your politics. Maliza uende. There is no room for sympathy votes!” read part of Raila’s social page post.

During the Jakaranda chaos Raila Odinga was with president Uhuru Kenyatta at Kasarani stadium meeting the Akiruno religious group for their Sunday prayers.

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