Popular Nollywood Actress Ada Ameh is dead

The Actress died on Sunday July 17.

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ejezie Emeka Rollas, confirmed the news. Before her demise, the 48 year old actor shared a video of her with a friends eating together at 12:00pm on Sunday on her Instagram page.

Ada Ameh died two years after her daughter also died. The actor opened up about batting mental health two weeks ago saying that she got more depressed after the death of her daughter and six of her siblings.

Ada Ameh (now deceased) and her daughter (also  deceased) - Photo file
Ada Ameh (now deceased) and her daughter (also deceased) – Photo file

She also talked about her ordeal with the media where she said she had been batting depression for many years and the death of her daughter worsened the situation since her daughter was her best friend.

“I have depression, I have been depressed for some years and it became worse when I lost my daughter in 2020. I was fourteen when I had her. She was my best friend, sister. I just saw my world crumbling before me. I have lost three of my sisters and three of my brothers.

I thought I was going to be next when my younger sister died. I have been in and out of hospital,”Ada said in one of her last video posts.

Some of the Movies the Ameh featured include; The Johnsons (since 2012), Domitila (1996), Mr and Mrs Okoli (2021), The Village People (2021), The Twilight Sisters 2, The Tom and Jerry, Men on the Run, Old Cargos, among others.

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