Police cautions young ladies to be wary of online fraudsters luring them with good life abroad

The police have cautioned young ladies to be aware of social media fraudsters promising them good life abroad but end up conning them.

Detectives based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), have recently observed a large number of young ladies who throng the Customs Office to collect gift purportedly sent to them by their online lovers from abroad only to find out that they have been conned of their and no such gift exists.

It seems their has emerged fraudsters who pose as successul business men living abroad. These fraudsters even teem their social pages with photos of flashy lifestyle to lure young women.

They “prey on young ladies whom they promise blissful lives abroad and offer to send them expensive gifts to demonstrate their seriousness,” read part of a social post by the DCI.

The DCI gave a case in hand of a 28 year old lady who met a man online. The man claimed to be residing in Britain. After days of communication between them, the man offered to send her a gift as a demonstration of his seriousness.

The lady later received a call from a person who told her he is a custom agent from JKIA and that the customs Department had had received a shipment for her from abroad. She was requested to pay a landing fee of Ksh 52,000 then proceed to collect the percel.

The lady arrived at the JKIA only to realized that she had been conned. Their was no shipment for her and the man’s phone went dead.

Pleliminary investigations by the DCI reveal that the suspects majorly operate from Kisumu and Kiambu.

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