By Vitalis Opondo

While president Uhuru is receiving praises from all comers in the way he has managed to micro-manage & neutralize the opposition, his bid(and that of the deep state) to determine who becomes president in 2022 is, and will be atoll order. Simply put, it will be another 2002.This is why!

(1)Of the available options , President Uhuru Kenyatta and his powerful men cannot, and will never support Raila or Ruto or both because of the former’s principles and ideologies, and because of the latter’s (Ruto’s) long hands (appetite for anything & everything).

(2)Since both Raila and Ruto are unwanted and (are already isolated) by the power brokers and henchmen, the plan is to make one person from the one Kenya alliance the project in 2022. The problem is who, and how! Let me simplify this! Among the 4 principals in this alliance, Hon Gideon Moi(though Uhuru’s choice) lacks a presidential posture and looks like a man who is grown, and full of age but still looks up to his parents to bring him home a woman and initiate the ‘process’. In fact, if it wasn’t for his last name ‘Moi’ he wouldn’t have  been known beyond baringo County. Then there is Moses Wetangula whose politics is only within and around Sirisia and Bungoma. He’s the easiest man to handle because he plays with the highest bidder.

Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyioka in past IEBC Function – File

(3)Hon Kalonzo Musyoka seems a better candidate but the system is afraid his candidature may not help neutralize Raila and Ruto properly . The duo would go for Mudavadi and such a coalition would completely deflate the deep state’s mathematics. Like Kalonzo, Mudavadi remains the best bet for the Uhuru led faction but the problem is how to handle Kalonzo Musyoka who due to his political clout, cannot agree to deputize the son of Mululu. Remember, the power brokers( read the central region) must be part of the government of the day preferably the running mate slot(since the BBI proposes a ceremonial PM.

(4)The biggest headache for the deep state  is how to isolate Rairuto, especially should the two (which is most likely)unite. A union between Raila and Ruto will be an earthquake, and any coalition without their input is likely to be grounded by 8am.

Hence, the only alternative left is for the president and the deep state is to either endorse Ruto & ignore Raila, or  vice versa or see the two unite to defeat his project, like in the case of 2002. This is whether or not the BBI sails through.

It will take another 50 years.

Vitalis Opondo is an avid political Commentator

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