Opinion- Is Covid-19 a biological weapon?

Opinion by; Lawrence Otieno Mirunga

Lawrence Otieno Murunga
Courtesy – Lawrence Otieno Murunga
The Covid-19 global infection cases has reached 150 million, with 3.1 million deaths as of April 30, 2021. The world has lived with the coronavirus for 13 months since it first struck and became a full-blown global pandemic in March 2020.

A new and more lethal variant of the Covid-19 virus is currently taking its toll on the people of India which is presently recording one death every 4 minutes.

This is a worrying trend in the world and while we agree that more and more people should come out for vaccinations to save their lives in their respective countries, the World Health Organisation (WHO) should also act quickly and decisively to prevent the new Covid-19 variant in India from spreading to other parts of the world.

I am still convinced that the coronavirus Covid-19 may be living with us as a virus of war. I have previously questioned how and why the virus keeps on changing like a chameleon now and then if it was a natural virus.

We have so far had the first, second, third and now yet another deadly Covid-19 variant in India. Is the Covid-19 virus a normal pandemic disease or is it a man-made virus?

And if the virus was or may have been manufactured somewhere by some unscrupulous people for some hidden agenda, why cannot the rest of the world unite against whoever did this horrible sin against humanity and God?

With 150 million Covid-19 infections and 3.1 million deaths in one year, the coronavirus Covid-19 global pandemic is the single biggest threat to global peace and security in the Millennium age.

The United States under President Joe Biden will do great service and justice for the world by initiating thorough investigations to find and punish the culprits.

In the meantime, every person in the world is called upon to take personal responsibility by masking up, washing hands, keeping social distance, avoiding crowds, and staying at home if need be.

The opinion in this article solely belong to the author and does not in any way reflect sSichwa news editorial stance.

Lawrence Otieno Murunga, Nairobi, Kenya. lomurunga@gmail.com

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