Opinion – If you want to survive this Covid-19, live like Uhuru Kenyatta.

By Erick Ochanji

The guy is so cunning that like a snake he only raises his head out here to do very necessary things and then return to hibernation.

He doesn’t want to die.

But he wouldn’t mind others dying. That’s why he bans political rallies but never enforces the ban. Tells others to go out there marketing BBI but watches them on TV. Doesn’t go there. Today he banned political gatherings again. Yet he has not lifted a previous ban. It is banning².

As l wrote up there, he doesn’t want to die. If he dies, Ruto will become President. And he doesn’t like that. If this happens, he will pinch himself in his casket. Because he will have “handed power to a thief.”

But he doesn’t mind other careless people dying in Political gatherings. That’s why this ban again will not be enforced. Politicians will hibernate only for a week and come back roadside second week.

If Ruto contracts Covid-19 and goes (God forbid), a major headache will have been removed for so so many people going into 2022 and beyond.

If Baba goes (God forbid), they will have a free reign. Maybe for the next 50 years. Baba is also a headache. In pissing out, or out pissing in.

President Kenyatta During a past function. Sichwa News :Photo file

And let me tell you something. Pray for that Baba. If Baba goes, these people will just set the constitution aside and rule forever.

If a President violates the constitution, he needs someone who enjoys extra constitutional powers to stop him. Currently only Baba carries that coveted mantle. Because behind him he commands a legion of fanatical followers enough to destabilize a nation.

I sometimes have my differences with Baba, but nitie kama omako na. He must live.

William Ruto is slowly building an army of fanatics from his backyard and beyond and in the next five or ten years, he will join this exclusive club. The deep state knows this. That’s why every effort is being made by the State (and strangely by Baba) to stop him.

Because both the state and Baba do not want another bull in the Boma.

In the meantime our Gideon, our Wetangula, our Mudavadi and our Kalonzo still remain ndume wa kushikiliwa ndama wapande. Uhuru doesn’t mind about them, dead or alive, watapangwa.

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