Opinion: BBI is a raw deal for the youths

Often , I do get asked what’s my opinion abt the BBI by my peers in my in circle of friends and at the local grassroot level .

Now, as a liberal scholar & as an Economics & Political science major , BBI In my opinion is a raw deal for the youths especially for graduates ; I think the Task force / the committee should have done much better but honestly, no compromise , BBI is an historic positive step towards inclusivity & a better Kenya in terms of aiming to attain higher level of socioeconomic development .

However , based on the recent increased political temperatures & polarized heated campaigns & politics in the past few days or months ; BBI is a ticking time Bomb ; a dead man’s trigger which can extremely divide this great Nation as opposed to uniting it due to the following obvious reasons : Ideological differences, political patronage , rent seeking & generally conflicts of interests .

Truth be told , our unique diversity in terms of ethnicity are the founding pillars of this great Nation; Tribalism ain’t going anywhere any soon it’s here to stay & every tribe has got varying needs & interests (Both political, social & economic)

Ideally, the reality on the ground is that Kenya has no elections or governance problem like Uganda & other dictatorial regimes in Africa.

The fact is that we have the best democratic system of Governance in the whole of African Continent

Some of the inadequately addressed problems the country is grappling with are:

  1. Corruption & mismanagement of public funds
    2.Inefficient & in effective weak institutions
  2. Sky rocketing high debt to GDP ratio that’s totally already unsustainable and a burden to the current tax payers and future generations
  3. High cost of living ; due to the current deteriorated unstable economy and high taxation
  4. Poverty and diseases ( due to weak health system )
  5. Massive unemployment
    7 . Ignorance due poor higher learning education system

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