No Political rallies within the CBD –Kisumu County Government says

The county government of Kisumu has banned all political rallies within the vicinity of its Central Business District.

In a notice signed by the County manager Abala Wanga dated Friday, May 27, the local government cited that they took the decision after realizing the destruction of properties whenever any political event occurs within the City’s CBD.

“This notice serves to restrict politicians from holding political rallies within the CBD and its environs effective immediately. This is in an attempt to stop the heinous acts of destruction of property,” part of the notice read.

The destruction of the county’s beautification projects was prominent in the notice.

The Management of the City has promised to allocate specific areas for the purposes of political rallies.

Mr. Wanga went ahead to explain that as much as the campaign period was here, the county will not permit politicians to erect posters all over town especially in refurbished streets and that the county will have to maintain cleanliness and order.

 A number of politicians have criticized the move and are seeking the IEBC to intervene.

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