Niger votes in a presidential run-off

The west African Country, Niger, is going for presidential election run-off. This will mark the first time the country is voting in a democratically elected president through the ballot since it gained independence from France 1960.

The run off is between Mohame Bazoum who got a percent of 3.9 in the first round of the votting and Mohamane Ousamane who had 17 percent.

Bazoum is a member of the ruling party and have held several positions in the government such as foreign ministry and interior ministry.

Soldier looking after Ballot Boxes in Niger. Photo – Street Journal

In the second round of the voting, Bazoum he is being backed by presidential candidates who came third and fourth in the first round of the voting. This puts him in a better position to win in the second round of presidential election.

Ousmane is former president of Niger who was ousted from power in 1996 in a military coup.

“I came to fulfill my civic duty for my country,” said Djama Gado Harouna, a 66-year-old retiree, after casting her ballot as reported by Canberra Times.

Niger has remained one of the poorest country in the world with Covid 19 pandemic now adding more burden the country.

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