Muslim leader Praise President Kenyatta for showing Respect to Adhan

Muslim leaders have applauded President Kenyatta for Pausing amid his speech as the Muezzin started reciting Adhan during the requiem mass of Tanzanian late President John Pombe Magufuli.

In a nearby mosque in Dodoma stadium when he was eulogizing the late President, Kenyatta decided to stop his speech to a sound from the minaret calling Muslims to prayer.

The Organizing secretary  for Council of Imam and Preachers sheikh Mohammed Khalifa said, thanked the president for representing Kenyans well in Dodoma and Showing respect for Muslims.

“We thank President Kenyatta for representing Kenya in Tanzania. He has shown the East Africa Community chairmanship, love, unity and support. He does not discriminate. He has shown his respect for Muslims. It is a fact Mr Kenyatta knows God and he respects all denominations.  He cares about Muslims and the faithful. He has shown respect to the religion,” Sheikh Khalifa said.

Here is what other Muslims had to say;

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