Moraa Narrates her love story with late rugby legend coach Ayimba

“I met Benjamin in June 24, 2012, I had just gone through my divorce and I was going through so much stuff. My friend and her husband were going to the party in Kileleshwa and they told me to accompany them. When we got there, my friend’s hubby bought me a bottle of alcohol and I was drinking and crying, but after a while, I started mingling with people.

There was a guy in a cap who was staring at me. But I had not recognized who it was, his friend left and I went and offered him my drink since he was still looking at me. He told me to sit down, we talked then I realised who he was. He went to the same primary and secondary school with my brother and he used to come home and visit him but I was still a baby.

We continued talking and he told me he liked the way, I poured him the drink, we spoke the whole night. There was a mzungu who was also interested in me but he had no chance. Just like that we bonded and he offered to take me for reggae because I had told him I like it. We left the party and went to Nairobi West. At 6:30am we shared a cab, I dropped him home before the taxi dropped me at my place.”

Gloria says she did not have his number but he called her that same morning, “At 10am, he called me and we talked, he said he was going for a meeting in Machakos. He started writing to me sweet messages in the evenings, but I had no feelings, I had just been divorced and I didn’t want to date.

The late Ayimba and his baby mama Moraa ~ photo File

But he would call me a lot and take me on dates, if I was going for an audition or shoot, he would take me and wait. I wasn’t in love at first but after two months he won my heart and we started our relationship. He was such a nice person and selfless. If he had Sh10,000 and I need money, he would give me Sh9000 and fuel with Sh1000. He used to help people.”

Moraa says she came to know about the wife later, and when she would break up with Ayimba, he used to tell her she was not going anywhere so as his wife and she decided to stay, “When we started our relationship, I think he had issues with his wife but I didn’t want to be part of their issues. Our love was something out of this world but there was a time we broke up when his wife knew about our relationship. He never hid me from anyone, we would go to all rugby games around the country be it in Kisumu, Mombasa or Nairobi.

He showered me with a lot of love and I was smitten. Sometimes I would tell him I was leaving him but he said there was nowhere I was going. His wife there and I am also there. So, I stayed and he made me happy, he brought back my sanity and confidence because I used to drink a lot to deal with my ex-husband.”

Ayimba and Moraa planned to have their kids and in September of 2015, they welcomed their son, “In 2014, I sat down with Ayimba and said we decided we were going to conceive in March of 2015. But the baby was conceived early in January of 2015 and we welcomed our first child on September 8, 2015, he called him Benjamin Otieno ‘Ayimba Jr’. He came early, Benjamin said maybe it is a blessing, because he had a job interview, he went and got it and dedicated his job to his son.

Our second baby Hawi was born on February 14, 2018. Everyone in his family knew me. When I was acting in Jastorina I got his son a job in the TV series.”

The couple parted ways in 2018, when Ayimba moved on with his new girlfriend, “We were together for seven year from 2012 to end of 2018, when we were both broke. I had no job and I was at home with the new born and he also did not have a job. He grew distant and he already had another girlfriend.

We argued and when I would tell him I need money, he said he was broke. At some point I was homeless with my kids, I could not pay the bills and they took my household items. He had moved on with his new girlfriend and when I told him about our situation, he called some of my friends to help me but I was ashamed and lied I was okay. A friend hooked me up with a casting job and I started a fresh and bounced back.”

Talking about why she took him to court, she said, “I used to take care of my kids but when our son Otieno was starting school. I asked him for support for his school fees and he said, ‘even me I should take him to court’. That made me so mad and I told him, I follow orders and I went to court. He was given a court order but he ignored it. After a while, I told him to be present in his kids’ life and I will provide for them. I have been doing so without any help from him. I can count the amount of money he sent to me.”

Moraa adds that she learned the news of his death through a friend, “I was in Kisii and for some reason, my phone was off, it didn’t have charge. I was at a hotel with my friend called Mickey who is a musician and he was looking for a way to tell me and he did. I was totally numb and for some time I was blank and so sad. It has not been easy for me and his kids.”

She later posted a bedroom photo with Ayimba but pulled it down after her stepson requested, “I was mourning and I just put it, I didn’t know it was going to be controversial but his son called me and requested I put a better picture so I removed it.”

Moraa says she not sure if she will attend the funeral, “I am not sure, word on the ground is that we are not allowed to go for the burial. But I would love for his kids to give him his last respects. As much as we disagreed, he is part of me and he was my soulmate, this is a man I was with for 7 years and we shared so much. We went to his rural home together and everyone knows me and those who say they don’t know me, they are lying. My kids have the right to bury their dad and they need closure. I have no problem with anyone.” She also said while he was in the hospital, they were not allowed to see him.

She explained, she is now in a good place with her ex-husband, “We parted ways in 2011, but now we are friends, he has his family and I have mine. We respect each other and he takes very good care of his children. I would never want another father for them because he is there 24/7. He is a good man, of course, we had our issues. We got married when I was very young and we clashed along the way and we separated.”

She also has a good relationship with one of Ayimba’s baby mama, “I have a good relationship with Fabrica one of his baby mama’s. Our kids love each other and they even go for sleepovers.” She is also looking forward to producing her own productions, “I’m working towards doing my own production. Currently, I am shooting my short clips and growing my brand.”

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