Mombasa Man breaks into a shop to steal; found sleeping naked in it the next morning

Mombasa residents were shocked by an incident where a man was found sleeping naked inside a shop he broke into on Tuesday night.

The man is said to be part of a criminal gang terrorizing Mombasa residents. The man said he must overslept after a failed robbery he carried out in the shop.

The door of the shop had its latches cut, an evident sign of breaking.

The suspect who is also a known BodaBoda rider in the area and gets into criminal acts to supplement his income in collaboration of others of his friend.

The owner of the shop confirmed that nothing was stolen from the shop a s the police recovered a Panga .

“The person looks sane though no one knows him near here including me. I don’t know what could have led him to fall asleep in my shop by let the law take its course,” The shop owner said.

security – polce

Others who came to the scene said the suspect may have been left behind while others who he broke into the shop with fled. He may have been drunk during the time of committing the crime and dozed off.

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