Matiang’i was right, police officers must never marry colleagues

Many Kenyans were furious when Dr. Fred Matiang’i announced that police officers will not marry among themselves in future but believe you me, it is a norm in Kenya military and other Law enforcement bodies all over the world that officers NEVER involve in romantic relationship amongst themselves.

Even in the kenya Armed Forces, from commissioned officers to other enlisted members, romantic relatioship among officers is strictly forbidden. Anyone found risk getting dismissed.

In the security and law enforcement career where order and disciplline is paramount, marriage among colleagues must not be encouraged.

A point in hand, you will agree with me that an Inspector of police may find it difficult to command or discipline a Corporal who is married to or whose romantic affair with an officer in the rank commissioner is known. The corporal officer will feel entitled to his husband’s rank.

Interions CS during a past function
Interions CS during a past function

Therefore, for the sake of such discipline and order in the Kenya Police Service, Mariang’i is right by calling for dismissal of any officer romantically involved with a colleague.

This directive by Interior CS will also surely prevent sexual harassment of junior officer by their seniors.

So, as someone vividly put it, just as goats and sheeps graze together but dont mate, Police officers within and accros the ranks should not fraternize.

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