Kenya, where petty scandals turn socialites into millionaires

I love the way celebrities in this country thrive in petty scandals and controversies which are sometimes well with the goal of attaining more fame, more likes and followers in their social media pages. These later translate into millions of shillings they’ll earn through marketing and expensive endorsement deals.

This differs from one Asian country I know where everyone and even more the celebrities ache for nothing but perfection in all their endeavors. In that country many socialites fall from grace to grass when they find themselves in petty improrieties.

Recently, one had to fervently apologize to the public several times  and even pull down all her social media accounts, take an indefinite  sabbatical leave from online platforms when it emerge that she wore a fake gold bracelet for a function. She honestly opines that she never knew the bracelet was fake. And it isn’t a willful torment that drove her to apologize, it is Country known for social media bashing of those who act and think even slightly morally different. So that socialites sometimes find threatening comments in their social pages, an absurd act that drive some to suicide.

So, I tend to imagine, what if this celebrity was a Kenyan? As a matter of fact, she would have amplified this petty scandal so that her next song or content released on YouTube and other channels will have as many viewers and followers as possible even if it’s as boring as they come. Because this is when all of us will want to know, what is the queen of scandal releasing this time?

And so, when Akothee goes on stage wearing something that looks shorter than all the short things in this world and it appears that she’s exposing her things too much, some of her fans go to her page and start bashing her, telling her to act as a role model to the younger generation, forgetting that all models have been walking almost naked on stage since time immemorial anyway. Akothee tells them off, that those who want role models should go to their mothers and request them to be their role models.

The next thing she will do is to post, flash the big home she has build for her parents, the huge mansions she owns and the giant-tired cars she drives. And finally, who won’t love her ballsiness.

Maybe we can accept that even though we can sometimes look and act imperfectly as is human nature, we still deserve the peacock’s confidence and pride.

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