Kenya ranked best in intra- EAC trade as Covid 19 hampers imports

The Covid 19 pandemic has vividly increased the intra-regional trade. Kenya has done well in trade value as compared its East African community partners in as showed in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Between July and September (3rd quarter 2020), total volumes shipped from Kenya to the region stood at Ksh 165 billion as compared to the second quarter when the figures stood at ksh 130 billion. The low figures seen in the second quarter was attributed Covid-19 effects.

Before Covid 19, that is, between January and March 2020, the Kenyan goods exported to its region was recorded to be worth Ksh 175 billion according to research by United Nations Economic Commission and Trade Mark East Africa Limited.

Containers at Kenya Coastal Port Mombasa. Photo File

The report showed that due to reduced import from foreign markets like china due to the surge in COVID 19, the economy in the East African Region remained strong with the growing intra-East African Community Trade.

In the reports, Uganda was the second exporter in the region with good worth Sh 137.4 billion while Tanzania came third with volumes of goods worth Sh 133 billion.

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