Kenya donates it census gadgets to other African States

Under the auspices of the South-South cooperation, President Kenyatta on Thursday donated 45,000 Kenyan made census gadgets to Sierra Leone, Botswana, South Sudan, Namibia and Mauritius.

Kenya held its latest National Population and Housing Census in 2019 which saw it incorporate digital technology for the first time in the undertaking.

Kenya’s successful digital National Population and Housing Census of 2019 have since attracted other African Nation states who have want to incorporate Kenyan Technology to carry out population census in their respective countries.

ICT Cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru during the event at statehouse. Photo source – Statehouse Archive

Durinng the handing over of the ICT gadgets, President Kenyatta Said Kenya is ready to share its technology with other African States in the spirit of African solidarity and fraternity.

My Administration is ready to support other African countries to enable them undertake their census under the auspices of the South-South Cooperation.”

South- south cooperation is apparently a technical cooperation between developing nations in the global south.

During Kenya’s 2019 National Population and Housing census, the country made use of locally assembled IT equipments, software, servers and accessories to carry out the process.

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