Kabogo says Ruto’s Campaign tactics are outdated

Former Kiambu Governor and current aspirant of the office has come out to snub DP Ruto saying that his campaign tactics are ineffective.

He was speaking on K24 TV on Tuesday where he said the name-calling of opponents during Ruto campaigns are in ineffective and rather the Kenya Kwanza Coalition should focus on issues affecting the Common Mwananchi.

He also added that the Azimio la Umoja wing is also guilty of the same acts of Name-calling during campaign instead of focusing on agenda they have for the people.

“From this side, you will hear ‘mtu wa kitendawili’, and from that side, you will hear about corruption. Where will this take us as a country?” Kabogo said.

Raila’s team of Azimio has in many occasions been heard putting all manner of Corruption allegations against DP Ruto while on the Other hand Ruto and his allies have referred to Raila as “Mtu wa Kitendawili” (A story teller).

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