This is a condition where people experience sleep loss or total lack of sleep.This can be as a result of stress,exhaustion, bad eating habits and sleeping for less hours usually between 5-7 hours .This causes alteration in brain functioning. This may be also as result of too much caffeine in the body system.

Insomnia is mostly caused by mental disorders like anxiety and depression, physical illness and pain,medications,neurological problems,poor sleeping habits and irregular sleep schedules. Normal human brain should get 8 hours of good sleep to increase the thinking ability and ensure good memory and rest.

It causes;

1.Lack of sleep leads to serious health problems

  • This is as a result of the body not being well rested to allow for proper organs functioning .90% of people with insomnia have another health condition. The underlying health conditions include;heart diseases, highblood pressure, stroke,heart failure,irregular heartbeat, and diabetes.
  • In other causes if not controlled may cause cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that those who cut off sleep time for 5-7 hours are at a double risk of death.

2.Insomnia causes skin aging

Good rest is quite suitable for skin care.This is visible with the sleep bugs under the eye one gets for not having a good night rest.

When you don’t sleep your body releases more of the stress hormones cortisol.In excess amounts it breaks down skin collagen which keeps skin smooth and elastic causes low human growth hormone release.

3.Makes you forgetful

It reduces the ability of the brain to process the learnt information during the day.The sharp wave ripples are responsible for consolidating memory. The ripples also transfer learned information from the hippocampus to the neocortex of the brain where longterm memories are stored. This can only happen while sleeping

4.Leads to weight gain

This comes as a shock as many considers sleeping the weight gaining factor. Research has focused on the link between sleep and the peptides that regulate appetite.Shortened sleep time is associated with decrease in leptin and elevation of ghrelin. Leptin signals satiety and suppresses appetite while ghrelin stimulates hunger . Hence insomnia leads to increased appetite.

5.Causes depression and kills sex drive

When one can’t sleep it gives them opportunity to reflect on things and have self pity on themselves. This only aggravates the symptoms of depression.

Due to being tired.This makes both the man and the woman have low libido and less interest in sex. It leads to physical weakness.

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