Inside Family feuds that led to the trending obituary

  • Mueni has now re-united with her father … and her partner in crime… they can get up to their typical mischief where they left off – Read part of the obituary.

An obituary notice of Elisabeth Mueni’s demise published on Daily Nation last week was received with mixed reaction among Kenyans.

It’s now coming out that the Orbituary statement was no light Joke as thought earlier. The necrology is said to have been written by the last born in the family who was dissatisfied by the manner in which family wealth was distributed; now shedding light to family feuds that have been going on for a while.

Mueni’s father who passed on in 2007 was a rich businessman and it is Mueni who controlled the Family estate once the head of the family died. It is said that no other family member had access to the estate which was the bitter bone of contention among the family members.

Piece of Obituary statement of late Elizabeth Ngotho published on Daily Nation

Cases concerning the family wealth distribution have been ongoing in court since the head of the family died back in 2007.

Family  disputes in Mueni’s family started way back in 1997 when one of the sons in the family, Peter Ngotho committed suicide.

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