IGAD Summit:Uhuru in Djibouti over Kenya-Somali and Ethiopia strife

On Sunday the president flew to the Intergovernmental Authority on leaders meetings in Djibouti with the key purpose to solve regional conflicts include the recent Kenya – Somali diplomatic spat, Ethiopian civil conflict as well as the border conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia.

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IGAD Supports its member states in development process especially in food security and peace processes.

Members include Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Sudan.

IGAD is currently chaired by Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

The region is currently experiencing conflicts amid Covid 19 Pandemic with the recent diplomatic stalemate between Kenya and Somali and the Ethiopian Tigray Conflict that has left thousands displaced killed.

Ethiopia had last week written to the regional body requesting for mediation.

Kenya’s Ambassador to Somali Lt.General(Rtd) Lucas Tumbo and its envoy Ahmed Nuur was on November 29 expelled by Somali after accusing Kenya of interfering in its electoral process. Somali pointed that Kenya coerced Jubal and President Ahmed Islam Madobe to renege on a election agreement.

Kenya has denied thes claims terming them “insubstantial.”

Last year Kenya recalled is ambassador after Somali auctioned off oil and gas exploration block in the middle of maritime territorial dispute, a matter that is before the International Criminal Court.

Somali is also accusing Kenya of withdrawing its troops in the strategic towns of Fafadhun and Busaar without consulting the Federal government. Another allegation is that Kenya is arming militias to attack their federal officials in their country.

“The federal government has learnt the government of Kenya has armed and deployed militias in Mandera with the intent to attack Beled Hawo and Somalia National Army bases located in Somalia,” a section of the statement from the Somalia Ministry of information read.

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