Hustler nation promotes commoditization of the youth – Shamala Dauclas

Kenya Youth Alliance Chairman , Shamala Dauclas has stated that Hustler narrative promotes commoditization of the youth.

“The Hustler nation narrative peddled across the country by the DP William Ruto and his acolytes is not only hollow in content but vague in effect.

While we welcome initiatives to empower young people across all spheres of their lives, I take strong exception to the idea of huddling disillusioned youth behind a polarising narrative that at best sows seeds of anarchy and detestation.

Hustler nation narrative is nothing but a huge spit in the faces of young Kenyans who are yearning for concrete and long-term solutions to pertinent issues bedeviling them.

I call upon young patriots to stand in one corner and denounce in one strong voice the commoditization of the youth for political gains.

Empowerment of young people requires a robust national conversation with the youth given a prominent role in leading the search for solutions to their issues.

Youth in Kenya must sit at the negotiation table and chart a better future for themselves.

The BBI gives us the platform to deliberate on these critical issues afflicting young people.

We must seize the moment,” Read the article posted on his facebook page

Shamala Dauclas
Chair, Kenya Youth Alliance. Photo Saurce – Facebook
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