How KEMSA Bosses stage-managed tender loot

New details have emerged on how bosses at Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) literally made calls to people who may have been known to them to come for multi-million tenders – Public Investment Committee (PIC) of the National Assembly was told on Friday.

According to Citizen, when the directors of Briema Grains Limited Hassan Osman and Abdulkafar Ali appeared to before the Committee, they failed to convince them how they were awarded Ksh 167 million worth of tender yet it had no experience in handling medical supplies.

PIC found that as of now Brienma has already been paid in full and that Kemsa and Brienma did not negotiate prices for 1 million 3 ply mask, 200pieces of PPEs and 500,000 N95 masks.

Kemsa- Photo sauce Facebook

On the other hand, Bennets Venture limited which was awarded a Ksh. 180 million worth of Tender claimed that KEMSA had pre-qualified it way back in 2019 – ironically even before the outbreak of Covid-19 . Upon learning about the tender it wrote an intent letter on April 15, 2020 and in two weeks’ time it got the commitment letter to supply 40,000 masks.

The Public investment Committee has since established that qualified companies were left out as KEMSA gave bloated tenders to companies who were selling the required goods at exorbitant prices. The committee is now narrowing down its investigations.

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