Highlights of today’s Presidential address on COVID-19:

Kenya Ministry of Health

1. Cognizant that the propagation of the coronavirus disease within our borders has been fuelled by political gatherings and large social gatherings, I direct that all forms of political gatherings be and are hereby prohibited for a period of 30 days, effective midnight on this 12th March, 2021;

2. That the escalation or de-escalation of the containment measure in regard to Prohibition of Political Gatherings is dependent on whether the national endeavour to break the chain of transmissions will have been achieved.

3. To secure the implementation of the Order on political gatherings, public ceremonies, I, hereby further direct the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) jointly with the National Police Service and County Governments Enforcements Officers to strictly enforce this Public Order regardless of the social and political status of the convenors of the political gatherings.

4. In regard to funerals, cremations and other interment ceremonies, it is directed that these ceremonies shall be conducted strictly within 72 hours of confirmation of death; Further it is ordered as follows:

5. That attendees for funerals and gravesides/crematoria ceremonies, shall be limited to the immediate family of the deceased, with the number capped at no more than 100 persons;

6. That attendees of celebration of Weddings and other traditional unions and rites is hereby capped at 100 persons;

7. There shall continue to be strict maintenance and enforcement of public social health measures, including regular washing of hands with soap and water or use of sanitizers, physical/social distancing in all public places;

8. THAT, in line with the guidelines issued by the Inter- Faith Council, only a maximum of one-third of the capacity of places of worship will be allowed at each worship ceremony;

9. The Ministry of Health, working closely with the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO), are directed to enhance and strictly enforce border health security, with a greater emphasis on informal entry points; as the country remains at high risk of importation of new variants of COVID-19;

10. The Ministry of Health shall strengthen the existing COVID-19 genomic surveillance so as to monitor the circulating strains in the country for the purpose of informing policy decisions and public health interventions;

11. All isolation facilities in the country must be maintained at a high state of preparedness through continuous capacity-building and provision of adequate PPE for healthcare workers; supported by the continuous implementation of Infection Prevention and Control measures;

Kenya Ministry of Health

12. The County Governments shall enhance investment in piped and portable oxygen to isolation and critical care treatment facilities for the management of severe cases; XIII. The Nationwide Curfew is hereby extended for a further containment of 60 days. In that regard, all bars, restaurants, and other establishments open to the public, must, close by 9.00 p.m;

13. To provide business continuity during the containment period, exemption on the application of curfew is hereby granted to essential services providers, factories and construction sites to operate night shifts;

14. To secure the implementation of the revised Containment Measures and to ensure effective enforcements of the same, an Inter-Governmental Co-ordination Framework is hereby established in each of the nation’s 47 Counties;

15. The Counties Inter-Governmental Committee will be co-chaired by the respective County Governors and County Commissioners, and feature representatives of the County Security Teams, County Health Chiefs and County Governments Enforcements Unnis;

16. The Counties Inter-Governmental Committee shall be convened at least once every week to assess the County specific compliance levels; and

17. The Cabinet Secretary for Transport jointly with the Cabinet Secretary for Health are directed to develop revised protocols for Public transport in consultation with all stakeholders in the transport sector.

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