Heartbreaking Revelation: Ugandan maids sold cheap in Saudi Arabia

An undercover investigation by The Times has revealed the heart-rending act of modern slavery in Saudi Arabia. The act of renting and selling maids in the Kingdom.

The investigations revealed that maids are advertised on an online marketplace, ‘haraj.sa’, where they are illegally bought and sold to the highest bidder. The app is one of the most visited in the country.

Quoted From The Times:

The prices vary by ethnic background. Filipino maids sell fastest and for the highest prices, and Ugandan maids are labeled by some Haraj users as “the most stubborn” and “unclean” and selling for the least amount.

She will work day and night and does not need rest, boasts Noura, a housewife in Riyadh. Gesturing to the cowering Ugandan maid next to her, who is 23 according to Noura, she adds: “If she does something wrong, you just send her to her room and do not let her out.”

A humanitarian Agency in Saudi Arabia admits the problem of trafficking maids in the Kingdom has existed for many years but recently it has been associated with human rights abuses and moral problems being fueled by technology.


Middle east countries have time and again been criticized for abuse of domestic workers who go to look for greener pastures in their countries.

Many politicians in Kenya and Kenyans in general have too lamented about the many numbers of kenyans who are brought back home dead or with desolating stories of abuses.

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