Great ideas to improve your dating and relationship

Sometimes we may struggle a great deal to make our relationship or love life more relevant. When options are limited, things can honestly be difficult.

It’s good to make time from your busy schedule to always make our dating life or our committed relationships as purposeful as possible. Here are some of the ideas that will surely help;

  • Play games
    • Think of games that can create a bond between both of you such as video games, cooking multistep etc.
    • Do project together such as kitting or pottery.
    • Be kids again and just enjoy yourselves.
  • Intimacy
    • Always show physical affection toward your partner. By kissing to help you reconnect with your partner
    • Have an at-home date especially when you have the house to yourself.
    • Talk about what turns you on in detail. You can also write it down so that your partner can read it.
  • Communication – Learn how to listen actively. This can be possible by using explanatory statements like “I would love to hear more” or “Okay, I think I get it. So, what you are saying is…”
  • Trust
    • Always keep time during your dates. Turn off your phone always when with your partner to give him or her your full attention.
    • Play trust games. For example, blindfold your partner while taking them around the room.
  • Other ideas
    • Listening to music together
    • Practicing yoga or exercising together
    • Gardening or home projects
    • Strip poker
    • Making a comfy place to relax in
    • Full moon dinner and stargazing

Relationship – Photo source; Unsplash

Original article from The Gottman Institute

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