EACC report points to deep rooted devolved corruption

A report by ethics and anti-corruption commission points to the manner in which corruption has been evolved in the counties.

Some of the most common types of corruption in the counties include: embezzlement, payment fraud and payroll fraud.

Several former governors are now in court battling cases related to corruption, they include: Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, Moses Lenolkula Kasaine the former Samburu Governor, Okoth Obado the former Governor of Migori, Evans Kidero the former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko former Nairobi Governor, Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong the former Busia Governor and Mwangi Wa Iria who is former Murang’a County.

According to the report by Ethics and anti-Corruption Commission, a total of 10,543 cases involving corrupting in the counties have been reported in the las ten years. They include but not limited to: abuse of office, Unethical conduct, Bribery, conflict of interest, unexplained wealth, maladministration as well as breach of trust.

astor Oginde, EACC Chairperson During a past function - Photon file
Pastor Oginde, EACC Chairperson During a past function – Photo file

EACC chairperson Pastor Oginde now says the body must be given more powers to put more effort in fight against corruption, one of the them being speedy prosecution of court cases at most in six months.

“One of the biggest challenge is that the cases take years in court before they are finalized, during this period suspects will have enjoyed their proceeds of corruption or reelected back in to the office,” explained Mr Oginde, “We want cases of corruption to be solved within six months.”

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