Do you know that sleeping with your phone in bed can affect your health?

This is the actual truth since smartphones have been confirmed to
produce dangerous emission which causes variation in the system by
regulating various processes such as cardiac rhythm or our biological
clock. Sleeping next to your phone can also be unsafe to your body
According to World Health Organization, all electronic devices are not
good for the body sine they yield toxic effects that are responsible for
development of cancer.
To authenticate this statement, an Australian study has proved that there
is a significant connection between the use of smartphones and infertility
in men as well as condensed sperm quality.

The following are some Health Consequences of sleeping next to
your cell phone

  1. It could set your pillow on fire
    Most people are so much attached to their phones and have a habit of
    sleeping with it under the pillow. The outcome of such habit has led to
    verified occurrences of pillows being set ablaze
    The most known of this occurrence is the July 2014 teen from Texas
    who was waken up by a burning smell. Her sheets and mattress were
    burned by her Samsung Galaxy S4 which was under the pillow.
    It is however sensible to turn off your cell phone or put on airplane mode
    before sleeping. This is because cell phone emits electromagnetic
    energy whenever they are on.
  1. Putting our Health at risk due to emitted radiation
    Normally, mobile phones produce heat as a result of transmission signal
    around 900MHz. This shows that, placing cell phones next to your head
    for along time can cause headaches, muscle pains and other health
    issues. Though most people prefer sleeping next to their phones for
    good reasons, it is better to take precautions than regret later.
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  1. Stops you from sleeping
    LED screens, which comprises of cell phones, TVs, tablets and other
    gadgets produces blue light, a category that studies have recommended
    to hinder the creation of hormone that induce sleep and interferes with
    our daily rhythms. Though the cause is still not clear, it may be because
    of the emission of wavelengths by blue light which is similar to daylight.
    Which can cheat our bodies to think that it is always day time?
    It is however sensible to turn off all electronic devices few hours before
    you sleep and place your phones and laptops in a separate room while
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