Commemorating International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is traced back 25 years ago in Beijing China when the world leaders made promises that they would take all necessary steps to safeguard their rights and and ensure all girls achieve their full potential in many spheres. World leaders pledged to do away all forms of discrimination and violence against girls, avail for them opportunities on an equal basis with the boys, to promote and protect their rights, eliminate economic exploitation and to empower them to take part in social, economic, political and cultural life. Girls all over the world were promised a conducive environment, where their spiritual, intellectual and material needs for survival, protection and development are met.

This ia a special day which commemorates the significance potential and power of the girls globally. The theme of International day of the Girl Child this year is ” My voice, our equal future”. This theme’s focal point is how girls in the whole world are ruling their lives. The United Nations delegated this day, which is celebrated annually on October 11th.

In this year, as we mark the priceless the invaluable advancement made in upgrading the gender equality over the last 25 years, the ongoing global pandemic of the deadly coronavirus has recollected our thoughts on the in-existence of intolerance and divergence faced by girls mostly defenselessness with the circumstances brought by this epidemic. In July 2020 collaborations of specialists duly noted that in the current months, it has been witnessed that girls and women have excessively been affected by these imbalances, with the actions taken on the containment measures of the pandemic spotlighting the foregoing breach and compounding the established gender based violence (GBV) and discrimination.

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