Bilharzia disease Strike part of lake Victoria offshore residents in Kisumu County

Some residents of lake victoria Offshowparts have been exhibiting rare symptoms of disease. These include vomiting blood, fatigues, blood in stool and urine as well as swollen belly.

Kisumu County Health officials have however taken samples fro 17 report individuals who reported the case and concluded that it is in fact Schistosomiasis, commonly known as bilharzia.

Those whose sample outcomes were tested and determined are already on treatment.

Human schistosomiasis - Illustration by The Lancet
Human schistosomiasis – Illustration by The Lancet

Kisumu County Director of Public Health Liliana Dayo  while speaking to the Nation.Africa, confirmed that the situation is under control.

“Our clinicians are doing the examination assessment to collect specimens for further analysis. We have also instructed our community health volunteers to sensitize the community about the dangers of bilharzia,” she said.

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