Best way to Manage Introverts in a Working Environment

There are mixtures of diverse personalities in every given work place; this is why it is
important for every boss/manager to figure out the best way possible to manage
introverts and extroverts. An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and
thoughtful individual. They don’t seek out special attention or social
engagements, while extroverts are often described as the life of the party. Their
outgoing, vibrant nature draws people to them, and they have a hard time turning
away the attention. It is however so important to take care of both their needs in a
work place to enhance satisfactory performance.
The following are some of the tips every manager should consider when
managing introverts in a work place.

  1. Evaluate your method of management

Do you really know which type of manager or leader you are? Maybe your
management style resounds more with extroverts although unintentionally. Majority
of managers relate mostly with extroverts making introverts to feel neglected. Identify
your management style and ensure you don’t leave the shy and quiet group feeling
excluded. Managing introverts is as easy as managing extroverts.

  1. Include Written Communication

Majority of introverts are performs better in written communication rather than
speeches during meetings. They might probably need some time to unify their
opinions perfectly and therefore communicating with them through texts or g-mails
perfectly fits them when you require accurate information because they don’t
experience any pressure.

  1. Encourage them to take part in discussions

It is believed that introverts rarely raise their opinions in any given discussions or
forums. This means that, to successfully manage them, it is required to engage them
in giving ideas by pushing them during meetings or one-on-one sessions. The shy
and quiet groups are greatly idealistic and knowledgeable people. This is due to the
fact that while extroverts raise their opinions, introverts gather their thoughts through
research to stay up-to-date.

  1. Identify their Strengths and Speak-up for them

Introverts are most likely to suffer from feelings of inadequacy that persist despite
evident success as compared to extroverts. They will not market themselves or
show-off however good they are at their work. It is therefore important as a leader to
recognize these employees sometimes by speaking up for them through

congratulating them on their good efforts, endorsing their ideas in meetings or even
rewarding their work with motivators or incentives.

  1. Prioritize team building activities

Every person has a place they feel comfortable participating in. To effectively
manage the shy and quiet group, a leader or manager can consider team building
activities, pairing the introverts with the individuals they are comfortable with. This
can make them participate well and deliver opportunities to open up to new thoughts.
Despite them being private people, the introverts can really fit in to a right team set-
Moreover, a manager or leader can also help introverts through personal follow-ups
to apprehend their ideas. Introverts can really flourish in a work place that they feel
included and make great leaders when nurtured well. As the work place changes,
recognizing various personality traits goes hand in hand with ensuring every
person’s need is taken care of.

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